A Respectable Woman


Published February 2017 An unusual Victorian woman is torn between her work and her love.
A Marcher Lord Published 13 March 2017 On the Anglo-Scottish borders in the sixteenth century a Scottish Lord plays reluctant host to a young Englishwoman who may hold secrets dangerous to both sides.
The Reluctant Debutante Published in April 2017 A light-hearted Regency romance between a cynical Waterloo veteran who has unexpectedly come into a title and the determined daughter of a City merchant who has no intention of making the society marriage her father wants.
An Unconventional Officer (Book One of the Peninsular War Novels) To be published in May 2017 In 1802 Bonaparte’s armies were sweeping through Europe, and two young officers arrived at the barracks of the 110th Infantry to join the light company.

Officers had come and gone before but none of them had been like Paul van Daan, a man with a past and a whole new attitude to army life.

The novel follows Paul’s career in the army, his relationships with both officers and men and the women in his life.


With Rowena Summers, the shy, gentle orphan he meets in a village church, he finds a peace and stability he had never realised he lacked.

With Anne Howard, the lovely daughter of a wealthy manufacturer whom he meets in a snowstorm, he finds the girl he had never thought existed for him – a woman whose courage and zest for life matches his own.

As the 110th arrives in Portugal to fight a desperate action against the French, Paul and Anne find themselves thrown together against a backdrop of war and bloodshed.

A love story about two extraordinary people in a land at war.