Books by Lynn Bryant

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An Unconventional Officer - love and war in Wellington’s armyAn Unconventional Officer

Peninsular War Saga Book 1






An Unwilling Alliance

The Manxman Book 1 and Peninsular War Saga Book 1.5







An Irregular RegimentAn Irregular Regiment

Peninsular War Saga Book 2







An Uncommon Campaign, 110th at the Battle of Fuentes d'OnoroAn Uncommon Campaign

Peninsular War Saga Book 3







A Redoubtable Citadel

Peninsular War Saga Book 4







An Untrustworthy Army

Peninsular War Saga Book 5







This Blighted Expedition

The Manxman Book 2





A Regrettable Reputation (Book Two of the Light Division Romances)A Regrettable Reputation

The Light Division Romances, Book 1







The Reluctant DebutanteThe Reluctant Debutante

The Light Division Romances Book 2







A Marcher Lord - a story of the Anglo-Scottish bordersA Marcher Lord







A Respectable WomanA Respectable Woman