It’s almost Springtime…

Which is a good enough excuse for a bonus free short story.

In An Ungentlemanly Officer, Paul van Daan finds himself in Lisbon in 1808 with his wife and half his battalion recovering from a bout of camp fever. Sir John Moore has marched into Spain without him and Sir Arthur Wellesley has gone to London to defend himself from criticism of the Cintra Treaty. Paul is bored and irritable and really needs something useful to do.

What he doesn’t need is the arrival of an officer of the 9th Dragoon Guards…




Out now…

An Unattainable Stronghold

It’s 1813 in the Pyrenees and Van Daan’s Brigade is back.

San Sebastian is under siege and Soult is invading across the border. Meanwhile, the Light Division is on the march…


Paul was just setting Rufus into a canter when his friend raised his voice again. 

“Piece of advice, sir. Don’t go climbing any hills on your own to reconnoitre the enemy. Carter’s not back yet and I’m not coming after you.”

Paul heard a roar of laughter from the front ranks of the 110th. He wheeled his horse round and made a vulgar gesture which was entirely unsuitable for an officer and a gentleman. Johnny was laughing, leaning forward over his horse’s neck. Behind him the laughter turned to cheers. Paul cupped his hands around his mouth like a speaking horn and bellowed back.

“You’re not funny, Colonel Wheeler.”

Johnny uncurled himself and raised his own hands to his mouth in response.

“They think I am,” he yelled and the cheers redoubled.

Available on Amazon from November 1st 2023.



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