Short Stories

Short Stories by Lynn Bryant


In addition to the novels, I enjoy writing short stories. Most of them have a historical theme, and tend to feature characters from the novels. They’re all free of charge, so feel free to share them.

I’m also adding a pdf of each story now. Currently my website doesn’t support me adding mobi files for kindle, but if you would like to be added to the mailing list, please e-mail me on and I’ll send you the mobi files as they become available. I promise not to spam you.  Also if there is any character you feel needs a story of his or her own, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

An Exploring Officer: a ghost story of the Peninsular War (Halloween 2017)

A Regimental Christmas: a story of Portugal, 1811 (Christmas 2017)

An Impossible Attachment (Valentine’s Day 2018)

The Quartermaster (Halloween 2018)

The Christmas After (Christmas 2018)

A Winter Idyll (Valentine’s Day 2019)

Colby Fair (Christmas 2019)

A Perfect Waltz (Valentine’s Day 2020)

The Day After (205th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo 2020)

An Unnecessary Affray (The Combat on the Coa, Blog Hop 2020)

The Last Sentry (Halloween 2020)

The Frost Fair (Christmas 2020)

A Winter in Cadiz (Valentine’s Day 2021)

The Pressed Man (Spring 2021)

An Inescapable Justice (Halloween 2021)

The Gift (Christmas 2021)

An Unassuming Gentleman (Valentine’s Day 2022)

The Recruit (St Patrick’s Day 2022)

Eton Mess (Halloween 2022)

The Glassblower’s Daughter (Christmas 2022)

An Unsuitable Arrangement (Valentine’s Day 2023)

An Unquiet Dream (Hauntings Anthology 2021)

The Sight (Halloween 2023)

The Yule Log (Christmas 2023)

A Provincial Nobody (Valentine’s Day 2024)

An Ungentlemanly Officer (Spring, 2024)