Lucky Woman by Patricia Finney

I really enjoyed this book. I had no idea what to expect having read a sample chapter years ago, and I’ve always thought of Patricia Finney as a historical novelist. But this book didn’t disappoint at all.
Lucky Woman is a contemporary love story with a difference; a heroine and hero who are a long way from the average and a plot that it’s hard to predict. There is a real feel-good element to this novel which sounds strange given the seriousness of a lot of the subject matter but despite that, a rich vein of humour and sheer fun runs through this. I loved the eccentric characters and the settings and I empathise painfully with the stories of life with teenagers. That urge to run away and leave it all behind must be familiar to a lot of women although this is definitely not Shirley Valentine. As always with this author the writing is excellent, flows well and the action is well paced and moves easily to a very satisfying ending. There is sorrow and pain in this book but there is also a whole lot of joy. Well done.