Chronological Reading Order for the Books and Short Stories

An Unconventional Officer - love and war in Wellington’s armyI’ve been asked by a number of people to publish a chronological reading order for the books and short stories. This is it. It’s been a surprisingly useful exercise in that it’s highlighted some interesting gaps where I could slot in a new story or two…

All the short stories are in italics. All of these are freely available on this website. 

I’ve now started adding a free short story to the end of every published book. At some point I’m going to publish all my stories as a collection in paperback. In addition, over the next few weeks I’m going to begin adding a pdf of each story.



The Yule Log (1768)

Eton Mess (October 1795)

The Pressed Man (April, 1797)

The Recruit (June, 1798)

An Inescapable Justice (August, 1800)

An Unconventional Officer (Peninsular War Saga 1: 1802-10)

An Unassuming Gentleman (February, 1809)

An Unwilling Alliance (Manxman 1, Peninsular War Saga 1.5: 1806-07))

This Blighted Expedition (Manxman 2): 1809-10)

Colby Fair (Christmas 1809)

An Unnecessary Affray (July 1810)

An Irregular Regiment (Peninsular War Saga 2: 1810-11)

A Regimental Christmas (Christmas 1810)

An Uncommon Campaign (Peninsular War Saga 3: 1811)

This Bloody Shore (Manxman 3: 1811)

The Glassblower’s Daughter (Christmas 1811-12)

A Redoubtable Citadel (Peninsular War Saga 4: 1812)

An Unquiet Dream (June 1812) Originally published in the anthology ‘Hauntings’

An Untrustworthy Army (Peninsular War Saga 5: 1812)

An Exploring Officer (July 1812)

The Quartermaster (Summer 1812)

An Impossible Attachment (Autumn 1812)

An Unmerciful Incursion (Peninsular War Saga 6: 1812-13)

A Winter in Cadiz (Christmas 1812)

The Frost Fair (Christmas 1812)

The Gift (Christmas 1812)

A Winter Idyll (January 1813)

The Last Sentry (Summer 1813)

An Unsuitable Arrangement (Summer 1813)

An Indomitable Brigade (Peninsular War Saga 7: May-July 1813)

An Unattainable Stronghold (Peninsular War Saga 8: July-September 1813)

The Sight (July 1813)

A Perfect Waltz (May-June 1815)

The Day After (June 1815)

The Christmas After (Christmas 1815)

A Regrettable Reputation (Regency Romances 1 1816-17)

The Reluctant Debutante (Regency Romances 2 (1818)









































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