Priced above Rubies by Patricia Finney – Review

Priced above Rubies, the second book in the Enys series was ace!

I’m a huge fan of the Carey books and I read the first Enys book because of them. I did enjoy it, but it didn’t pull me in as quickly as Carey did. The main character doesn’t have Carey’s charisma and sheer joy of life which leaps out of the pages of those novels.

When I rediscovered this author after a break I raced through the recent Carey novels to catch up and then turned back to this one. To my surprise it gripped me right from the start. It has the same genius for characterisation as the Carey books but in this case there is the added interest of one character being able to see the world from both male and female perspectives. The detail of life in Elizabethan London is fascinating and I love Portia / James and their cynical view on the world.

If there is anyone out there who isn’t reading this because they weren’t sure about the first book, can I advise you to stick with it? I always look forward to the new Carey book but now I really hope there is going to be another Enys book as well because I’m officially hooked…