A Marcher Lord: Book One of the Borderers Saga

A Marcher Lord - a story of the Anglo-Scottish borders
A Marcher Lord – a story of the Anglo-Scottish borders

A Marcher Lord is set in the lawless world of the Anglo-Scottish border in the sixteenth century.  England has invaded Scotland, intending to seize the baby Queen of Scots and to marry her to King Edward VI, and amidst shifting loyalties and secret treason, William Scott, Baron Crawleigh holds loyal to the Scottish crown from his border stronghold.  In search of an English courier and possible double agent he finds instead an English girl riding through a country at war, a girl who refuses to give him her name.

Jane Marchant has grown up among the mercenary bands of Europe, a girl not new to a war torn land.  Thrown into the hands of Lord Crawleigh she finds a home among his people and a place in his heart.  But with both sides wanting the information she holds, how can she know whom to trust?

A Marcher Lord is a story of love, war and shifting loyalties among the riding surnames of Tudor Scotland and England, where kinship mattered more than kings and nations and men lived by the sword and by their wits.

What the Reviews say about A Marcher Lord

“Brilliant book. Feisty females all mixed up in border skirmishes – and war. Nicely drawn and well researched. Must admit to more than one night reading until 3am! Enjoyed it hugely.”