Blogging with Labradors – even when it’s too hot to do so

Blogging with labradors even when it’s too hot to do so is still a better idea than housework which is my official task for the day.  I am going to get back to it after one little blog post, I promise.  The sheer joy of a clean and tidy living room yesterday has spurred me on.  But I feel as though I’ve neglected the boys in these posts recently in favour of history, art, writing and other stuff that they really don’t care about.  And after all, it is named after them…

Toby and Joey are cross with me.  For one thing it’s very hot which they are not keen on.  It might seem unreasonable for them to blame me for this, but they do.  They’re dogs, so they don’t realise I don’t control the weather.  After all, I can provide food and water on tap and cuddles on demand.  And if they are cold I light the fire for them.  Why I can’t turn off the sun, they cannot comprehend but they’re cross about it.

They’re also cross because people are missing.  My son is in Cyprus and my husband is in London and my daughter is out doing revision sessions and exams.  Toby and Joey disapprove.  They’re fond of me, but one human to adore them isn’t really enough, they like a team.  Usually they struggle to decide who to be with when we’re all here, and pace from room to room like large Tigers.  If we have the audacity to be upstairs where they are not allowed they will stand at the bottom and bark, knowing that somebody will come.

Now there is only me, and to make it worse, I’ve gone mad.  The woman who can pretty much be relied on to sit at her desk for most of the day with their beds either side, has started cleaning things.

Yesterday was the pinnacle of my madness and their irritation.  I took the sofas apart and cleaned the living room.  I washed their beds.  I opened windows and vacuumed noisily for what seemed like hours.  They both got up onto the sofa (minus cushions) and sat there in the chaos, refusing to move and looking grumpy.  I think they’d just about forgiven me by bedtime although I had to sit in the living room with them all evening to make it up to them.

Today they are alone with me again, and looking suspicious since I’ve picked up that vacuum cleaner again and taken it upstairs.  They don’t trust me, I can tell.

I feel as though I have gone a bit mad, but the novelty of actually having time alone in the house has gone to my head.  I know I’ll feel better when the house is at least reasonably clean and tidy, and it makes it easier to work if I’m not constantly irritated by the mess so I’m going to get on with it and feel better despite my allergy to housework.

My dogs will forgive me because I’m going to buy them a paddling pool.  It seems mad on the Isle of Man given our usual weather but it is hotter than usual and at their age, heat stroke is a worry.  Also it will be quite nice to put my feet in if this keeps up…  I’ve read a couple of very sad stories this week about dogs dying of heatstroke, not here but in the UK, which has made me conscious of keeping an eye on my beloved boys.

The Dogs Trust gives the following advice about taking care of your dogs in hot weather.

There are many precautions that can be taken to keep your dog safe and well on a hot day.

Don’t excessively walk your dog
Avoid walking your dog at the hottest times of the day – often morning or later in the evenings can be cooler
Always take plenty of water with you when out with your dog
Make sure the dog has shade to cool off in, either inside or when out
Take your dog to the groomers and keep their fur clipped
Dogs can get sun burned – especially white dogs or those with little hair so try and keep them out of direct sun
Think twice about any car trips with your dog – avoid congested roads or busy times of day when they could overheart in the car if you are caught up in traffic
If driving with your dog plan your journey considering cooler times of the day and places to take breaks
Don’t leave your dog in a car – as temperatures rise, dogs overheat quickly and leaving them for as little as 20 minutes could prove fatal

Many of these are common sense and we’re fortunate to have a big shady garden for our two which they love.  But I hope everybody takes care.  Humans aren’t always that sensible in the hot weather either, especially in places like this where we don’t see it that often – we tend to get over excited and go a bit mad.

For example, some of us decide to clean house on a day when we’d probably be better sitting in the shade with our dogs, a cool drink and a nice gentle proof reading task.  Ah well…