Short Stories

Short Stories by Lynn Bryant


In addition to the novels, I enjoy writing short stories. Most of them have a historical theme, and tend to feature characters from the novels. They’re all free of charge, so feel free to share them. And if there is any character you feel needs a story of his or her own, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

An Exploring Officer: a ghost story of the Peninsular War (Halloween 2017)

A Regimental Christmas: a story of Portugal, 1811 (Christmas 2017)

An Impossible Attachment (Valentine’s Day 2018)

The Quartermaster (Halloween 2018)

The Christmas After (Christmas 2018)

A Winter Idyll (Valentine’s Day 2019)

Colby Fair (Christmas 2019)

A Perfect Waltz (Valentine’s Day 2020)

The Day After (205th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo 2020)

An Unnecessary Affray (The Combat on the Coa, Blog Hop 2020)